Our Services

Eye Care

Eye Exams

  • Eye Examinations by appointment; All our Optometrists have a minimum 4 year qualification and are trained in leading universities of India.
  • Comprehensive eye exams include; visual field examination, retinal imaging and eye pressure measurement, cataract evaluation etc.

Spectacles, Sunglasses and Specialty Contact Lenses

  • Spectacles and Sunglasses with powered lenses; we dispense all the leading brands of eyewear and spectacle lenses in the world. Some of them include; Essilor, Nikon, Carl Zeiss Optics and Optique lenses.
  • We specialise in progressive lenses where we provide an adaptation guarantee.
  • Contact Lens dispensing and training; We have solutions for contact lenses both standard and specialty and dispense the leading manufacturers of the world like Johnson and Johnson, Bausch and Lomb and Alcon (Ciba Vision).
  • We have special myopia control lenses for children that help stop the progression of Myopia. See if your child is a candidate by booking an appointment with our Optometrists.
  • RGP, Scleral and Rose K lenses for eyes where conventional contact lenses may not be effective.
  • Delivery of Contact Lenses to home.

Low Vision Aids

  • Dispense low vision aids to patients whose vision can not be improved with glasses, counsel them to use them and be independent.

Ear Care

Ear Examination

  • Our team of audiologists perform ear examination to assess the loss and provide trials of hearing aids of world leading manufacturers like Siemens, GN Resound, Widex and Phonak.
  • We provide trials of hearing aids so patients can try the final machine in real world environments before they decide to buy.
  • Home Audiometry services available on appointment.
  • We are empaneled with ECHS and CGHS.

Hearing Aids

  • Partnered with leading manufacturers of hearing aids like Siemens, Phonak, Oticon and Widex
  • Hearing aids for different auditory needs are available.
  • Smallest hearing aids that fit completely in the ear and rechargeable machines are dispensed by us.